• Alice Hama


Sommelier Alice’s Tasting Note: Aroma of kaki persimmon, ripe Asian pear and almond with a touch of mocha. This is a full body sake packed with umami flavor. On the palate you can find rough grains mixed with tree fruits like ripe red apple and yellow peach with a touch of yeasty characteristics. This sake is a true reflection of the classical Yamahai Style.

*Yamahai is a term to describe sake that entails special yeast preparation, which leads to offer sake some unique aroma of earthiness and spiciness.

Japanese Food Pairing Idea: Miso Tonkatsu Pork Sukiyaki Grilled Miso Cod

Asian Food Pairing Idea: Indian Spicy Chicken Wings Vietnamese Shaking Beef Beef Bibimbap

Western Food Pairing Idea: Pasta with Pesto Sauce Spinach & Roquefort Cheese Quiche Fried Chicken with Hollandaise Sauce

Sake Facts: Name Means: The CEO's last name but kanji can mean 'seven rice fields'. Rice: Yamadanishiki Alcohol: 15% Polishing Rate: 65% (35% polished away) Category: Junmai Sake Meter Value: +9.5 Acidity: 1.7 Importer: JFC (Product ID:19613)

Tenzan Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd. 1520 Iwakura Ogi-machi Ogi-shi, Saga E-mail: info@tenzan.co.jp URL: http://www.tenzan.co.jp/ Region: Saga Prefecture, Kyushu Island Established: 1861 Representative: Kensuke Shichida Water: Underflow of Mt. Tenzan (ranked in Japan's Best Water 100 list) / hard water