• Alice Hama

Miso Education Class with Chef Nancy Singleton Hachisu at Japan House

Japan House based in Hollywood has been hosting "Japanese Food Lab - Chef Series" and April 25th session was with Chef Nancy Singleton Hachisu, the James Beard Award-nominated author and food journalist, where she lectured and demonstrated the process of making "miso" from scratch.

with Chef Nancy Singleton Hachisu

More About Chef Nancy Singleton Hachisu: Nancy Singleton Hachisu is a native Californian, Stanford graduate who has lived with her Japanese farmer husband in an 85-year-old farmhouse in rural Saitama since 1988. As a food writer based in rural Japan, Nancy Hachisu Singleton has accumulated years of knowledge and expertise on Japanese culture, food, and tradition. With frequent appearances in media and widespread acclaim as the author of three best-selling books, Hachisu is a well-known advocate of Japan’s traditional food culture and “slow food”—a growing movement with a focus on whole, locally-sourced ingredients prepared with care and respect to sustainability and traditional farming methods.  

Her books include: - Japanese Farm Food (Andrews McMeel, Sept. 2012) - Preserving the Japanese Way, (Andrews McMeel, Aug. 2015) - Japan: The Cookbook (Phaidon, April 2018). *Her work has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, and Japanese.  

"Miso" is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and koji (the fungus Aspergillus oryzae). It is an essential ingredient for soups, sauces, and dishes. In recent years, it's health benefit as a probiotic food has caught the world-wide attention from culinary and medical professionals.

We tasted Chef Nancy's hand made misos, those were so different from other mass-produced miso that you can find in supermarkets. Very deep in flavor with long lasting savoriness. (the rice ball was made with the rice harvested by her husband's farm and it was so delicious too!).

Lastly a bit about Japan House! (from official website) JAPAN HOUSE seeks to foster awareness and appreciation for Japan around the world by showcasing the very best of Japanese art, design, gastronomy, innovation, technology, and more. An innovative project of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JAPAN HOUSE is comprised of three hubs—London, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo.

JAPAN HOUSE LOS ANGELES occupies two floors in the popular Hollywood & Highland entertainment complex and brings various aspects of Japan to American and international audiences.  

Ms. Yuko Kaifu, President of JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles  commented in her opening speech that this "Japanese Food Lab Chef's Series" has been the most popular seminars among many other programs that they have offered in the past, and they are planning to expand the program.

The upcoming session will be May 15-18, "Sushi Showcase: The Master of Extreme Fish Aging", led by Chef Kouji Kimura, the owner chef from the renowned two-Michelin-starred sushi restaurant in Japan. Don't miss it! Japan House: Event Calendar