• Alice Hama

How to make Sushi Cake

May 5th is the Children’s Day in Japan.

It’s a national holiday to celebrate and wish for the happiness and well-being of all children.

Usually families raise koinobori, koi-fish shaped flags at home, and eat traditional foods like steamed mix rice “chimaki”.

Even though I don't have those flags or ingredients to make chimaki, I decided to make something fun to enjoy the day for the children.

I made "sushi cake" and koi-themed fried fish. I also bought koi-shaped wagashi (Japanese sweets) at Mitsuwa, the Japanese supermarket in West LA, to add some festive spirit.

Sushi cake is slowly becoming a trendy item on social media. A lot of them involve making

flowers using raw fish. The most popular way to do is to prepare thinly-sliced salmon and tuna sashimi and roll it into the shape of roses.

1) Slice the sashimi-grade raw fish very thin.

2) Line up the slices (6-7 slices) with the edges over-lapping, then start rolling.

3) Slowly open the 'petals' to shape.

4) Done! and place them on the bed of sushi rice.

For my sushi cake, I used 6 slices to make tuna rose and added salmon for extra petals.

If you would like to learn how to make sushi rice, please visit my article on Tippsy.