• Alice Hama


Sommelier Alice’s Tasting Note: This sake is a Grand Cru version of their popular KEN. Full body in style with aroma of fresh cut greens and cucumber followed by ripe white peach and kaki persimmon. This sake is umami packed and you can taste the flavor of steamed quality rice. Beautifully long and smooth finish reflects its refined elegance.

Japanese Food Pairing Idea: Assorted Yakitori Grilled Gyutan (Beef tongue) Tai No Nitsuke (Steamed Tai Snapper in dashi & soy  sauce)

Asian Food Pairing Idea: Vietnamese Shaken Beef Korean Bossam (Seasoned Boiled Pork) Peking Duck

Western Food Pairing Idea: Medium Rare Beef Steak with Herb and Garlic Duck Foie Gras Torchon Porcini Mushroom Risotto

Sake Facts: Name Means: Name of the one of the important ancestors Rice: Yamadanishiki Alcohol: 17.5% Polishing Rate: 35% (65% polished away) Category: Daiginjo Sake Meter Value: 4.0 Acidity: 1.3 Distributor: JFC (ID: 69348)

Suehiro Sake Brewery 12-38 Nisshin-Machi Aizuwakamatsu-City, E-mail: info@sake-suehiro.jp URL: http://www.sake-suehiro.jp/ Region: Tohoku, Fukushima Region Established: 1850 Representative: Inokichi Shinjo Water: Natural Spring Water from Mt. Hakaseyama