• Alice Hama

A Guide to Wine Ghetto

Guide to Wine Ghetto, Lompoc

What? Ghetto??  Why would you choose ghetto for a wine destination?

But you will nod when you arrive at Sobhani Industrial Park, where the address locates. All you see is a simple warehouse complex, nothing fancy.  No beautiful vineyards attached nor any European décor buildings.

Where are wines?

Just step in and see…. each metal storage is a tasting room!

This business complex was first developed for the lighting industry in the 1980s but it made a total transformation into the city of Lompoc’s first wine entertainment destination.  You can meet and taste the renowned and up-and-coming local brands in a single location.  Currently there are 20 brands in the Ghetto and plans to increase in umber to 28 by the end of this year.

Recommended spots: Palmina Wines: Known for highly rated Italian varieties grown in the US terroir.  Do not miss the fresh and clean Arneis and Malvasia that are perfect summer drinks.  Red wines made with Sangiovese and Nebbiolo are the ‘must tasting’ items too.  You can also order a cheese and prosciutto plate to accompany your wine tasting.

Moretti Wines: A boutique winery known for excellent quality wines.  Personal favorites will go to Chardonnay with beautiful ‘finesse’ and Syrah with elegant structure.  Wines are not on the distribution so this brand needs to be on you visit list if you are in the Ghetto. Flying Goat Cellars: Named after the winemaker’s pet pygmy goats, Flying Goat Cellars produces not only the top notch Pinor Noir but also very fun bubblies.  Especially, make sure you taste Rose Sparkling with fine bubbles and refreshing aromas of strawberry and cherry.

Longoria Wines: Owned by one of the acclaimed winemakers in the area Mr. Rick Longoria, the winery excels in an elegant and classy style Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Also do not forget to taste a Port-style Syrah, a perfect friend with chocolates.

Jalama Wines: Named after the Jalama Vineyard close to Jalama Beach .  This small production winery is specialized in Rhone varieties including Grenache and Syrah.  If you are lucky, you might be able to taste Mourvedre which sells out on release.

Taste of Sta. Rita Hills: This is a wine tasting room / wine bar owned by Mr. Antonio Moretti.  In here you can do a wine tasting of different local wineries that are not in the Ghetto.  A great gathering place for local regulars and this is a must stop place to collect some good information about the area.

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